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More than produce | An experience

Free Petting Zoo!

Come see our mini horse, mini donkey, lambs, goats, pigs, emus, rabbits, alpaca, and cow! Our animals are friendly and love seeing new people. A hand washing station is provided and all guests must wash hands after visiting the animals.

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Picnic Area

We are happy to provide a large, shady grass park for our customers. There is no charge or purchase required to enjoy the picnic area. A small BBQ is provided for you. We do not sell any food other than our fruit, so make sure to plan ahead!

Guided Tours

If you are bringing a group, or would like a tour just for you and your family, please call ahead and confirm tour availability with us. We are happy to provide a free, 20 minute tour during which we highlight our farm, produce, and agriculture in the San Joaquin Valley. If you would like to pick a small amount of fruit at each stop, we offer a small bag to each tour participant and the fruit is still only 65¢ per pound.

The Freshest Fruit 85¢ can Buy

Don’t forget our #1 attraction – fantastic fruit at a great price!